Vestas Porto - Master's thesis collaboration

Do you want to collaborate with Vestas on an exciting project?

At Vestas, we are happy to collaborate with students around the world. Communicating and interacting with talented students of today is a critical success factor for Vestas, as university students represent a large pool of talents that we need in the future.
If you are a student and wish to collaborate with Vestas on your next project or master thesis, we invite you to have a look at our current project openings. Below here, you can find more details about the specific projects.

Current project proposals:

Project 1 - Improve the IEC wind speed prediction model for power curve measurement campaigns
Project 2 - Quantification of aerodynamic roughness for weather models through CFD simulations of idealized microscale flows
Project 4 - FRT container model and simulation (Application deadline is 7th of August 2020)
Project 5 - Energy control during disturbances in combined Wind Power-Energy Storage park solutions (Application deadline is 7th of August 2020)
Project 6 - Black-start dynamic requirements and operation of energy storage systems (Application deadline is 7th of August 2020)
Project 7 - Resonant Converter topologies for multi-terminal DC grid offshore wind generation (Application deadline is 7th of August 2020)
Project 8 - Graphical Interface for a Wind Power Plant Simulator (Application deadline is 7th of August 2020)
Project 9 - Data exploration for identification of load-driving turbine configurations
Project 10 - Adaptive yaw control
Project 11 - Park flow reconstruction based on turbine data
Project 12 - Wind Turbine identification based on its radar signature
Project 13 - Wind Turbine Blades Design: Prediction of paints weathering impact on the performance of blade
Project 14 - Study on the effect of different peel plies on the adhesive joining of SST
Project 15 - Draping phenomena study of different glass fibre fabrics construction
Project 16 - Bio-based/thermoplastic resins in Blades
Project 17 - How is the Blade outer shape affected by thermal shrinkage during cooling
Project 18 - Study of the influence of number of plies on cured ply thickness of a composite material
Project 19 - Study and optimization of vacuum infusion process by using Comsol

Vestas Porto: 

The Vestas Porto Design Center is an evolution of the presence in Portugal of Vestas to strengthen its global R&D setup. The Porto Design Centre collaborates in the development of products for the global market in an ever-changing environment ensuring Vestas continues to have a market leading product portfolio.
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"When the time came to elaborate on the thesis, I was sure that it would be in a business environment. When this proposal was presented to me, I didn't hesitate. It was the best decision of my still small working life! It was fantastic. I immediately felt like family. And how lucky I was to be able to continue here!" Margarida Branco

"The last year of a master degree is seen, many times, as a year of rest, low workload and an “easy” good grade. Of the three, I got the “easy” good grade, that was achieved with a lot of work, but never with a lack of rest or feeling lost. When I applied to this theme, I had no idea of the meaning of around 90% of the words on it, yet with the support and the way people from LaC have received me, I have managed, in a little time, to learn and develop my thesis. I think it gets easier to be motivated when people welcome us with open arms and a bright smile.”  Bruno Cunha